Velocity Extreme Vx10 SLN Optic fits NSK Coupler


Vector Research and Development is setting a new standard in German Made highspeed dental handpieces. Vector didn't cut corners with the Velocity Extreme Series. A new standard in sound reduction, power, value durability and versatility. Upgrade from KaVO, A-dec/W&H or NSK without changing your tubing connections. Total cost of ownership is significantly less as compared to other higher priced national brands.
Overall Features:

  • 55db (forget other air-drien highspeeds this matches the noise level of many electric highspeeds)
  • Over 22 watts of power making it one of the most powerful handpieces on the market
  • ENDURO-Silencer turbines for optimal power, near silent performance
  • Computer balanced for concentricity.
  • Push button autochuck bur release
  • Available in the three most popular coupler configurations.

Velocity Extreme Series Vx10 SLN Optic to fit NSK or VNS6 style couplers:

  • Optic
  • Torque Head
  • 4-port water spray
  • push button autochuck bur release
  • optic type
  • for NSK or VNS6 swivel couplers.