Vector Lil Beaver 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaler - White


The Lil Beaver 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaling Unit is designed for use in prophylaxis periodontia treatments and other areas of operative dentistry. The unit operates with a fine warm spray, requiring little physical exertion necessary with hand treatments. It easily and effectively removes stubborn calculus and stains, leaving crown and root surfaces clean and smooth.


  • Accepts both long (25K) and short (30K) ultrasonic inserts. Unit automatically adjusts to accommodate any style, brand or frequency.
  • Front mounted water control with large dial; easy to adjust with gloves.
  • Turbo boost with the 2 position foot pedal.
  • Digital power adjustment with LED power display panel.
  • Two colors to choose from High-Tech Black or Ultra Pure White
  • Lies flat or mounts vertically in provided vertical mounting stand.
  • All aluminum housing for improved durability - no plastic to crack, stain or break.

Complete Kit Includes:

    • Lil Beaver Scaling Unit
    • Power Cord
    • 2 Position Turbo Boost Foot Pedal
    • 1/4" Water Line with Quick Disconnect
    • Vertical Mount Stand
    • Handpiece Holder Mount
    • Autoclavable Handpiece Sheath
    • 1 Year Warranty