Buffalo Sanitrap Trap-eze 3.5 Gal Plaster Trap

Buffalo Dental original classic 3.5 gallon Trap-Eze upgraded to include an automatic sanitizing system to keep it smelling fresh and clean. Buffalo Dental Trap-Eze Disposable Plaster Traps provide sanitary, convenient solutions for the capture and disposal of wet model trimming waste. Economical trap systems designed to slow water discharge flow rate and allow plaster sediment to settle out of waster water, no permanent traps to clean or messy liners to replace, fast and easy installation and trap replacement. Made in the USA.

●New patent-pending sanitizing system inside the trap designed to last for months
●Fully automatic dispensing helps assure steady action and long term freshness
●Unique system covers the sanitizing agent and activates after the trap is in use