Belray 096 Intraoral X-Ray


These refurbished Belmont 096 X-rays are time tested favorites in the dental industry. They are extreme workhorses that last for decades. The Belmont 096 X-ray does a whole lot of the work for you. It has a Microprocessor  that selects the optimal exposure time based on patient and film type, cone length, and the tooth to be radiographed. But it also has a manual mode that allows you to personalize the film density if you see fit. There is no lack of choices as there are 58 density settings between 0.02 and 3.0 sec.

There are several choices for set up because the control is mounted separately from the arm/head allowing for either in-room or remote mounting which greatly simplifies pass-thru installations. The pass-through mount will let you place the x-ray head exactly where you need it in adjacent rooms.

Standard Features Include:

  • Separate microprocessor control box with patient type, tooth type, cone type, film speed and exposure time selection switches.
  • 70kV, 10mA system
  • 8 inch Cone length
  • 8mm x 0.8mm focal spot
  • 02-3.0 second exposure time
  • The 096 is compatible with most digital radiographic systems.