Belmont Clesta Cabinet mounted light with touchless sensor


Belmont WAVE Touchless Medical Light 

Finish: Belmont White Paint

Clesta dental lights continue as one of the most popular and innovative lights in the dental marketplace.

Lights feature a 5000°K color temperature range setting that approximates mid-day sunlight.

The Clesta name is derived from “Clean Station”. This description refers to the touchless ON/OFF sensor feature which minimizes potential cross-contamination that can occur as a result of contact with the light between procedures. 

Standard Features:

3” x 8” oval pattern of illumination with feathered edges to minimize eye fatigue
Each light is equipped with touchless ON/OFF and manual override switches.
Light Output for high intensity (2,600 FTC), medium intensity (2,000 FTC) and composite safe mode (740 FTC).
Color Temperature Range for high intensity (5000°K), medium intensity (4800°K) and composite mode (3600°K)
Output Voltage for high intensity (24.1V), medium intensity (23V), and composite mode (17.2V)
Input Voltage: 120V / 60Hz AC
Bulb Type 24V / 60W Tungsten Halogen

Refurbished, one-year warranty.  Shipping is additional.