Belmont Bel-Ray II 097 Intra Oral X-Ray System


Wall Mount Belmont 097 Intra-oral Dental X-Ray System

Compatible with most digital imaging radiographic systems 

Standard Features:

  • 70kVp, 4-7mA selectable
  • 0.7mm x 0.7mm focal spot produces excellent image clarity
  • Easy to position x-ray head
  • Exposure time 0.02~33.2 seconds
  • 16 programmable time settings
  • Automatic and manual modes for optimal selection of parameters for each patient and tooth type
  • Small control box with user friendly microprocessor controls allow for easy selection of exposure time, tooth type, cone type, film or digital mode, film speed, mA and patient size
  • Standard wall mount installation
  • Control box can be installed on x-ray power console or onto wall
  • Standard 31.5" horizontal arm  *Please call for availalblity of 20" & 12" horizontal arm options
  • Standard 8" cone
  • Control Box measures 6 1/16"H x 7 1/4"W

Painted in Gloss White

*Item Ships on a Small Pallet

***Refurbished***  Shipping is not included and will be added after purchase (approximately $100/x-ray depending on location)