Adec Decade Combo package


Best of both worlds!  We've combined a refurbished Adec Decade 1021 chair with a NEW DCI delivery system to create an economical package that will last for many years to come.

This package includes:

Adec 1021 Decade chair

Chair options available:

Ultraleather upgrade $425

Massage System $355

Memory Foam $230 (recommended with Ultraleather)


New DCI over the patient delivery system with telescoping vacuum arm


Stainless steel tray and non-skid pad

Wet/dry foot control

Handpiece flush

Self-contained water bottle system with 2 liter bottle

Air quick disconnect and water quick disconnect with flow control

6' umbilical tubing

Asepsis utility center and valves

DCI Precision Comfort Syringe and tubing

HP tubing 4 hole asepsis



5or 6 pin 3 HP illumination system

4th HP position

LED light (requires light post $240) $1967

Chair mount $410