Adec 3072 Cascade Wall or Cabinet Mount Delivery System "Refurbished"


Cascade Wall or Cabinet Mount 3072 Delivery System with 18" Flexarm

Completely Refurbished A-dec 3072 Doctor's Wall Mount Delivery System

This is a Doctor's Unit  - No Evacuation Capabilities

Standard Features:

  • Century Plus control blocks that support three handpiece positions 
  • 1 Air Water Syringe & 3 HP Positions with 5-Pin Non-Optic tubing
  • Smooth, Asepsis Tubings
  • Self-contained water system
  • Handpiece oil collection system
  • Flex arm has 18" vertical travel
  • Wet/dry disc foot control
  • Utilities only
  • Umbilical length: wall-mount 5', Preference mount 2.5'
  • Laminate backboard on wall mounts
  • Note: If you are going to set it up under a counter and want it to completely tuck away it will need a space that is 26" wide by 19" deep.

Additional Options:

New - 6-Pin Fiber Optic Tubing (in place of one 5-Pin)