Adec 1021 Decade Radius 4 OP Office Package


Our Adec 1021 Decade 4 Operatory Office Package is specially priced with a limited time offer and is perfect for your new or expanding dental practice. This package includes limited time special pricing and also includes needed equipment for your in house dental lab. Every package is customizable. We offer a combination of new and recycled dental equipment with our packages to save you money. New dental equipment components can be exchanged for recycled equipment. You pick your upholstery colors, standard vinyl asepsis is included in this package. Just let us know perferences and we will do our best to meet your needs. 1-Year Warranty.

(Photos show a representation of what is available and may or may not be the exact item(s) and/or color you will receive. Please see our Terms and Conditions for warranty information.)



(4) Adec 1021 Decade chairs
(4) Adec 2122 Radius delivery unit with touch-pad control
(4) Radius Assistant's vacuum group with touchpad
(4) Adec 6300 Radius lights
(1) Imageworks Panoura 18S 2D Digital Pan X-ray
(2) Imageworks Intraskan DC Intraoral X-ray with 33" extension arm
(1) EVA Select Combo Package with #1 and #2 sensors
(1) New Dual head compressor *See below for details
(1) New Sierra Dry Vacuum Pump (TV-12) *See below for details
(1) Tuttnauer EZ9 Plus Autoclave (without printer)
(4) New Sets of Comfort Plus Stools. Each set contains 1 doctor and 1 assistant stool)
- Please choose a small or round saddle
(1) Tuttnauer 1 Gal Ultrasonic Cleaner with a Stainless Steel Basket
(1) Buffalo 10" Wet Model Trimmer
(1) Handler Red Wing Lathe
(1) Buffalo Dental Vibrator


*The ImageWorks Panoura 18S packs a lot of technology into a small footprint, utilizing a high-end CMOS sensor that can be transferred to an optional cephalometric arm. With a user-adjustable focal trough, errant images can be brought back into focus even after acquisition. With fully motorized movement, the Panoura 18S offers variable rotation speeds of six seconds for a quick panoramic scan or 16 seconds for a panoramic scan with maximum resolution. It is bundled into an aesthetically pleasing package that will enhance the appearance of any office and allows for in-office upgrades to either cephalometric or 3D capabilities with multiple 3D fields of view.


-Panoura 18S Panoramic
-Evasoft Imagin Software
-In Office Training
-3-D Versions come with On Demand
3-D Imaging Software
-2 Year Limited Warranty
-Lifetime Remote Technical
Support & Software Upgrades

For a video and more information please visit our item page here.


*Imageworks Intraskan DC Intraoral X-ray: Best Image First Time Every Time: Power Factor Correction assures highly stable and consistent output regardless of quality of input power source.Reduced Dosage: Patented shielding method makes leakage close to zero. The DC system significantly reduces harmful soft radiation, compared to conventional AC type machines.Long Lasting Quality: Life cycle tested both mechanically and electrically over 200,000 cycles. Assures the unit will last.

Discover the Benefits:

-0.5mm focal spot
-Versatile operation with precise positioning
Refined ease of movement
Shorter times between exposures
In-Operatory or Remote timer options
Fully programmable operation, yet manually adjustable to suit individual preferences
Three arm sizes to fit various operatories
Switch instantly between adult and child or film and digital sensor settings


*EVA Select Combo Package: The reliability of EVA Select sensors is backed by hundreds of installations ranging from single chair clinics to large dental chains. EVA Select offers a comfortable sensor design coupled with a high standard of technology. It's highly functional. Just a few millimeters thin, EVA Select sensors deliver crisp, clear radiographs with virtually any intraoral x-ray head. The CMOS imaging chip is designed for maximum durability. Fast USB connectivity delivers images to a computer monitor in seconds.


*Sierra EGL-12VX Dual head compressor has on-demand clean, Moisture free air every time, high capacity desiccant dryer with auto drain, zero oil. Backed with a 3 year warranty. Extremely quiet operation with vibration absorbing mounts, sound reducing muffler.


  • 4-6 Users
  • 74DBA
  • 230 Volts
  • 14 amps
  • 2 HP
  • 25 gallon tank
  • Dimensions: 32" x 37" x 24"


*This Sierra Dental Products state of the art TV-12 Dry Vacuum is a very powerful, high volume, efficient system. 230 volt motor provides plenty of vacuum on demand while maintaining multiple operatories. Equipped with Vortex Action Separator Tank (VAS), your TRU-VAC dry vacuum system will ensure efficiency and reliability, not to mention savings of up to 200,000 gallons of water usage per year.


  • 1-6 users
  • Includes remote control capability
  • 12 Gallon VAS-Tank
  • Low Voltage Controller
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Use anywhere a wet system is currently used. No Special plumbing required.
  • Efficient – 85 C.F.M. – 2.3H.P. – allows 1 to 6 Operatories
  • One moving part in turbine – Motor rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use
  • Waterless, and no sewer expense – Maintenance free turbine.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Being waterless – Preserves our natural resources. Adapts to future federal regulations for handling of hazardous waste and blood borne pathogens.
  • Higher volume (85 CFM) provides a safer work zone by removing aerosol hazards in the operatory more efficiently.

230 V AC, 50-60 hz, 2.3 hp, 10 amps