ImageWorks Panoura 18S 2D Pan Upgradeable to 3D


Let ImageWorks carry you into the world of digital panoramic, cephalometric, and 3D imaging with its affordable, user-friendly and comprehensive Panoura 18S panoramic imaging system. This item is the basic 2D panoramic unit and it's upgradeable to 3D, so there is peace of mind that the initial investment is protected if 3D capability is needed later on. Take a look at the video below to see what you can do with upgraded options.

The ImageWorks Panoura 18S packs a lot of technology into a small footprint, utilizing a high-end CMOS sensor that can be transferred to an optional cephalometric arm. With a user-adjustable focal trough, errant images can be brought back into focus even after acquisition. With fully motorized movement, the Panoura 18S offers variable rotation speeds of six seconds for a quick panoramic scan or 16 seconds for a panoramic scan with maximum resolution. It is bundled into an aesthetically pleasing package that will enhance the appearance of any office and allows for in-office upgrades to either cephalometric or 3D capabilities with multiple 3D fields of view.


  • Panoura 18S Panoramic
  • Evasoft Imagin Software
  • In Office Training
  • 3-D Versions come with On Demand
  • 3-D Imaging Software
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Lifetime Remote Technical
  • Support & Software Upgrades

ImageWorks' Panoura 18S combined years of panoramic imaging experience with the newest available technologies, giving dental health professionals an entirely new type of experience.

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