G.comm POLARIS LED Dual Track Operatory Light System


This Iris LED Dual Track Light has a dual-carriage system, with each carriage mounted parallel to each other. This unique design can provide the clinician with complete flexibility in the positioning of the light and monitor.

Traditional dual track lights use a single trolley system that does not allow independent positioning of the light and monitor. Iris trolley design allows for independent movement of the monitor and light, which lets each move along the entire length of the track. Each can also be positioned over the patient or near the foot of the patient, without any obstruction.

Iris Dual Track Light System is available with the Gcomm POLARIS LED light. The LED technology in POLARIS allows for adjustment in color temperature and light intensity. It also can move in 3 axes, making it very flexible and easy to use during any procedure. This product is made in Italy.  The monitor is not included.

(Photos show a representation of what is available and may or may not be the exact item(s) and/or color you will receive. Please see our Terms and Conditions for warranty information.) TL-1008I