Tuttnauer EZ9P Autoclave with Printer


The new EZ9 fully automatic autoclaves feature a functional, contemporary design that incorporates an attractive bright blue LED display that is clear and easy to read. Three(3) trays. One push of a button, and leave the rest to automation. It will fill the chamber with water, will start the sterilization process, will vent, and will dry. Very simple and easy to use. Active closed door Hepa Filtered drying system. These Tuttnauer fully automatic autoclaves fill, sterilize, exhaust and dry at the touch of a button. All EZ models feature automatic venting and a closed door active drying system w/High Efficiency air pump & Hepa filter to maintain sterility and circulate hot air for fast drying.

  • New Tuttnauer EZ9 Sterilizer with Printer
  • One (1) year warranty on parts and labor
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Fully automatic: will fill, sterilize, exhaust and dry at the touch of a button
  • Three trays
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