Tuttnauer 2504M-Manual autoclave Sterilizer 2016 model, 120V refurbished


This 2016 Tuttnauer 2540M is in excellent condition and has been fully refurbished by our Tuttnauer certified repair technicians.

Tuttnauer 2540M Manual Autoclave, 120V. Chamber 10" x 19", Volume 6 Gal/23 L. External dimensions 21.5" x 20" x 14.4". Standard Cassettes: 3 full and 3 half. No. of Trays: 4. Tray Dimensions: 16.3" x 6.7" x 0.8". Standard unwrapped cycle time - Cold: 22 min. / Hot: 14 min. Double safety locking. Drain valve is located on the front. Dual safety thermostat. Automatic shut-off at the end of both the sterilization and dry cycles. Long life electro polished chamber and door.

90 day warranty.  Shipping is not included.