Pelton & Crane SP30 Ellipse Package


Pelton & Crane SP30 chair package is ready to ship!  Just pick the upholstery from wide back or narrow back, standard asepsis vinyl or plush Ultraleather upholstery, Massage system with Heat or a layer of Memory Foam.

The Spirit 3000 dental chair offers ergonomically positioned touchpads to control motion.  


Maximum access to the oral cavity while keeping patients comfortably supported.

Intuitive, fast, and simple operation

Improves the patient's ability to easily enter or exit the chair with feet firmly on the floor.


The Ellipse delivery system facilitates easy left/right conversion. The self-contained water system with city/water selector and individual non-retracting water coolant adjustments.  The doctor's instrumentation 4 positions accommodates 3 handpieces and 1 syringe with a touch pad control.

A monitor mount or a light can be added to this package as well.  Add $895 for a light and $595 for the monitor mount.

We'll gladly mail color samples.  Just give us a call.  407-347-5992 or 888-548-7282.