Pelton & Crane SP30 4 Op Office Package

This 4 Operatory package contains the following equipment:

(4) Pelton & Crane SP30 Dental Chairs with standard, asepsis upholstery (you may select the color), Add $295 for Ultraleather, $295 for massage with heat, $189 for Memory Foam

(4) Pelton & Crane Ellipse Delivery systems with vacuum arm

(4) Pelton & Crane Ellipse LFII lights

(4) Sets of New Comfort Plus stools (you may select the color)

(1) MaxRay Cocoon handheld X-ray (New)

(1) Imageworks Intraskan Wall mounted intraoral X-Ray (New)

(1) TV-12 Dry-Vac (New)

(1) EGL6VX compressor, 1-3 users (New)

(1) Tuttnauer 2540M autoclave (New)

(1) 3 Gallon Ultrasonic cleaner with basket (New)

(1) Model Trimmer (New)

(1) Vibrator (New)

(1) Amalgam Separator (New)

(1) Water Security System (New)

(1) Triple Switch Control Panel (New)

***Please note: Shipping and installation are not included in the price. Shipping for new products will be added to the invoice as the products arrive. Warranty: One year parts, 90 days parts and labor. Installation labor rate is $105/hr for one technician, $165/hr for two technicians.