Electrosurge Ellman Dento-Surg 90 F.F.P.


Radiosurgery is an atraumatic method of cutting and coagulating soft tissue, without the post-op pain and tissue destruction of electrocautery.

The cutting effect, known as electrosection, is performed without manual pressure or crushing tissue cells. It results from heat generated by the resistance the tissues offer to the passage of a radiofrequency wave, which is applied with a fine wire called a surgical electrode. The heat disintegrates and volatilizes the cells in the path of the waves. This causes the tissue to split apart as though it had been cut with a razor-sharp knife. Electrocoagulation is a nonvolatilizing destruction of tissue cells by a radiofrequency wave.


  • On-Off Control/Waveform Dial - Green light indicates unit power is on.
  • Active - Dento-Surg 90 F.F.P. Handpiece plugs into this color-coded jack.
  • R.F. Red Indicator Light - signals when electrode is being activated. 
  • Antenna Plate - Recommended for all surgical and coagulation procedures.
  • Variable Power Control Dial - sets desired power output by fine tuning.
  • Cut - Setting for cutting waveform with minimal coagulation.
  • Cut & Coagulation - setting for cutting and coagulation simultaneously.
  • Coagulation - setting for hemostasis waveform.


  • Model: Dento-Surg 90 F.F.P. (110 volt)
  • Output Voltage - Variable from 500 to 600 +/- 20%
  • Output Power - 90 +/- 20%
  • Output Frequency - 3.8 MHz.
  • Output Waveform - Cut (Fully Filtered) Cut & Coag (Fully Rectified) Coag (Partially Rectified) 
  • Dimensions: W 8" x  H 5" x  D 5.75"