Dentsply Cavitron SPS Refurbished Ultrasonic Scaler


DENTSPLY Cavitron SPS Gen 119 *Refurbished* This is a very Popular Cavitron SPS- GEN-119 Prophylaxis Unit. We only have 8 of these left in stock!

30KHZ unit Uses 30K P-Style 30K Slimline & 30K TFI inserts (The handpiece accepts all Cavitron 30KTM Ultrasonic Inserts. Handpiece Holder Securely holds the System's Handpiece when system is not being used.)

- Top Grooves Provide a convenient, temporary placement for the handpiece during treatment procedures. (Always place handpiece in holder when not being used.)

- Power Adjustment Turn knob to select ultrasonic power level for operation: clockwise increases system power, counter clockwise decreases system power.

- AC Power Indicator Light Lighted when System is switched ON. Power Control ON/OFF switch located at the left front underside of the System.

- Boost Indicator Light
The two-position Foot Control provides the capability to increase the front panel Power dial setting. When lighted, indicates Foot Control is fully depressed, and System is functioning in"Boost" mode.

- Lavage Flow Adjustment
Turn knob to select Lavage Flow level during System operation. Clockwise increases flow at insert tip, counter clockwise decreases flow. The rate of flow through the Handpiece determines the temperature of the lavage. Low flow rates produce warmer temperatures, higher flow rates produce cooler temperatures.

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