Dental EZ J3


Dental EZ Model J3

Auto-program function

Power up, down, tilt, and back

The J-chair allows total patient placement flexibility to create the most comfortable working position for the patient and dental team.

The back, seat and base positions adjust independently.  This feature allows precise placement of the patient: therefore eye, back and neck strain are virtually eliminated, even after long procedures.

The thinnest narrow back available provides the best access to the oral cavity.

The chair, arm and slings recline with patient and hold the patient's arms in proper position for better operator access.

The contoured, no-obstruction design eliminates all obstructions from the operator's thighs and knees, allowing for a more ergonomically correct position.

Upholstery stretcher springs for comfort and durability.

The dual membrane controls are located on both the doctor's and assistant's side of the chair for easy and rapid patient positioning.

Comfortable, ergonomic dental patient chair.

Refurbished, one-year warranty (90 days parts and labor)

Your choice of upholstery selection

Add $325 for Ultraleather