Cattani Turbo Smart Dental Vacuum Pump

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Cattani Turbo Smart constantly monitors how your suction is being used and adjusts its performance to suit, giving you powerful aspiration with minimal fluctuations, even when your colleagues in the other rooms start or stop using the suction. This is a qualifty refurbished vacuum pump with a 1 year warranty. Shipping is not included; please call for a shipping estimate. Used and refurbished dental equipment can save you thousands!

The Turbo Smart is also designed to grow as your clinic does. The Turbo Smart A for two surgeries can be upgraded with a password to a Turbo Smart B, which can provide suction for up to four surgeries.

More than a universal aspirator: it's your right-hand assistant. This unit is in constant dialogue with the machine. Turbo-Smart reacts automatically to any functional problem or to any hazard to the machine's integrity. It performs like a small and large machine at the same time:small when it is used by one or two operators and large when it is upgraded to fit an expanded surgery of up to three/four surgeries. Turbo-Smart offers consistent suction and even reduces its heat output when the deman for the suction is low, so as to avoid overheating. What's more, its electrical energy consumption is proportional to its use.

Precise information for perfect operation. The suction unit informs the operator of:

  • Vacuum head
  • Maintenance
  • Current absorption
  • Machine temperature
  • Condenser's capacity
  • Room temperature
  • Amalgam level
  • Running hours
  • 2009 model, refurbished