Belmont 12 O'Clock Delivery Dental Cabinets

They both have a Small Profile (fits in smaller offices) 28" Wide x 26 1/8th" Deep with Delivery Shelf Fully Extended and many incredible options which include:

Doctors 12 o'clock:

  • • 3 Handpiece Automatic Control
  • • Individual Handpiece Pressure Adjustment
  • • Individual Handpiece Water Coolant Adjustment
  • • Master Handpiece Water Coolant Adjustment
  • • Master Handpiece Air Coolant Adjustment
  • Non-retracting Water Coolant with Master On/Off
  • Handpiece Flush
  • 4 Hole Straight Gray Asepsis Tubing with Midwest Style Connector
  • 1 Doctor Syringe
  • Wet/Dry Foot Control

Assistants 12 o'clock:

  • 1/4" Water Outlet with Foot Control
  • 4 Position Crescent Holder
  • 1 Assistant Syringe, 1 HVE, 1 SE

The cabinets have not been refurbished. Once refurbished, they will look like new.This is an incredible deal on these cabinets. We are selling them for $1595 .Give us a call and we will make a package deal 2 for $3000. 

(Photos show a representation of what is available and may or may not be the exact item(s) and/or color you will receive. Please see our Terms and Conditions for warranty information.)