Belmed F300 Portable Dental Flowmeter With 4 Tank Nitrous Cart

The Belmed F300 Flowmeter is our most popular nitrous cart and features an easy to use durable Flowmeter head that can last years with proper use. Oxygen flow rates can be reduced to as low as 1 liter per minute to match patient breathing volumes while still maintaining minimum 30% O2 and 70% maximum N2O micture. The F300 is ideal for practitioners who want the ability to deliver nitrous throughout their facility without the need for an expensive gas plumbing installation. The F300 Belmed flowmeter system comes complete with a PC7 Nitrous oxygen flowmeter head, scavenging circuit, breathing circuit, 3 liter breathing bag, tall mobile stand, 4 cylinder holding capacity, 2ft of gas hose, and a reusable nasal hood.  New scavenger goods are available.  The ones shown in the photo are used.  This is a lightly used unit.  Shipping is not included in the price.