Adec Decade Hygiene package


A-dec Decade Dental Hygiene Operatory Package


 Decade Chair 

1 Handpiece Delivery System  - Backpack Mounted on Back of Chair with HVE, SE and air/water syringe

A-dec 6300 Post Mount Light

Standard Decade Chair Features:

  • Backrest Cover - easy to clean single piece is tapered at side to allow more leg room
  • Lumbar Support - Built-in lumbar support provides increased patient comfort during long procedures
  • Double-articulating headrest - effectively position patients head
  • Quick release padded armrests
  • 8-Function Footswitch - program 4 preset chair positions, including auto return & exit
  • Auto-Return & Exit
  • Swivel Seat - rotates chair on needle bearings 30 degrees to either side of center 
  • Cast-aluminum base plate- helps prevent rocking and is shaped to allow you to maneuver your stool into preferred working position
  • Hydraulic Cantilever System - lifts and lowers chair; operates quietly and smoothly
  • Safety Plate Shutoff - Stops the chair to prevent trapping an object under the chair
  • Your choice of Vinyl Upholstery color with clear vinyl foot scuff cover - seamless upholstery has no crevices to catch debris

Decade 1 Handpiece Delivery System Features:

  • Single Handpiece Delivery System - control for one handpiece with the solo control block
  • Handpiece Adjustments - adjustments for handpiece pressure, coolant water and coolant air are located on the control block on the pivoting arm
  • Instrumentation - autoclavable syringe, autoclavable QD HVE and a saliva ejector
  • 4-Position Instrument Holder - holder automatically moves with the chair back
  • Cascade Solids Collector - conveniently located on the chair back for easy cleaning
  • Oil Collection Jar - collects oil expelled from the handpiece exhaust
  • Convertibilty - arm pivots to allow use by right or left handed operators
  • Foot Control - wet/dry disc control
  • Medium Stainless Steel Floor Box - floor box has master on/off toggle, air and water filter regulators and manual shutoff valves

A-dec 6300 Light Features:

  • Light Head includes Third Axis Diagonal Adjustment
  • Quartz-halogen bulb
  • Feathered-Edge Balanced-Intensity Light Pattern
  • Optically Designed Reflector
  • Three-Position Intensity Switch
  • Toggle Release Shield
  • Transformer in Rigid Arm Housing

Your choice of upholstery color.  Add $325 for Ultraleather, Add $355 for massage system.