XZeal Z70 Wall Mounted Dental X-ray


The XZeal Z70 X-Ray is manufactured in agreement with the most rigid international standards of quality and safety. The Z70 was developed to provide dental x-rays at an excellent level, high image definition and in shorter time. Built with resistant materials, the Z70 mobile unit offers a folding arm with soft movements and precision, providing an easy positioning to take radiographs. Made in USA.

The Z70 has an electronic controller with microprocessor with pre-programmed keys that facilitate the daily operation of the equipment. The times of exhibition has a strict control to obtain a better result of the operation

With capacity of 70 kVp and 7 mA, the X-Ray head has lead covering. It offers radiographic performance with images of excellent contrast and hi definition. The Z70 wall model is prepared to be installed in a “Single Stud” (4x4), “Double Stud” (16’’ – Wall plate Included) and Block wall. For Passthrough installation is required a minimum width of 14 inches. Additional external control box (sold only with the equipment) Add an additional $175.00.

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