Adec 1040 Cascade package with Euro Style Delivery System


Your package includes:
  • Adec 1040 Cascade Chair
  • Handle on Chair with Push-Button Arm Brake
  • Adec 2151 Continental Chair Side Mounted Delivery System. (photo may depict optional handpieces)
  • Touchpad on unit for Chair Functions
  • Self Contained Water System
  • Telescoping Arm-Mounted Assistants Instumention

    Your Choice of Vinyl Upholstery with Clear Vinyl Foot Scuff Cover


Cascade 1040 Chair: Backrest casting, Automatic armrests, Double-articulating headrest, Programmable button footswitch, Hydraulic cantilever system with stop plate shutoff, Cast-aluminum baseplate, Chair swivels 60 degrees (30 each side of center)

Adec 2151 Continental Chair Side Mounted Delivery System: Century Plus control blocks that support 3 handpiece positions, Handpiece oil collection system, Self contained water system, Air-actuated push-button brake, Wet/dry disc foot control, Chair touchpad, Instrument try holder, 4-hole handpiece tubing for 3 handpiece positions, Cascade assistant's intrumentation, Cascade solids collector on the post box, Standard post box with utility connections, water outlet and water flow control, Large standard floor box

Optional Equipment *NEW denotes brand new/never used product. Otherwise not stated denotes Refurbished product

NEW Premium Ultra Leather Upholstery
NEW Heated Massage System
Chair Foot Control
Contoured Floor Box
NEW Longer Umbilical
NEW Second HVE Added to Assitant’s
NEW Handpiece Power Optic Illumination System - Your Choice of 5-Pin or 6-Pin
NEW Piezo Scaler Standard (Non LED) w/3-Pak Tip Kit (Built-in)
Monitor Mount
Adec 6300 Track, Wall or Cabinet Mounted Light (in place of post mount light)
SOPRO IntraOral Dental Camera
SATELEC Mini LED Curing Light

Paint Color: SURF (A Very, Very Light Beige)